Shifting chamber

A simple `tactics` game where you manipulate the board instead of moving the character. Destroy your enemies by placing them in hazardous positions. (like on the left or right sight of the tower - they'd get hit :) Enemies can be also forced to attack one another.


Use [WASD] or [SWIPE] or [ARROWS] to shift the tile rows or columns.

Press [SpaceBar] to wait.

Learn additional skills through upgrades. Once you acquire them, switch modes by pressing [1], [2] or [3]

When you gain max AP greater than 1, you can stack it by waiting in a turn. It will be available next turn for a double move (or triple or more)

Tile Shift - [WASD] moves entire row or column (containing the player) in a specified direction, by one tile. Wraps around the map. Shortcut key [1]

Tile Switch - [WASD] switches two neighbouring rows or columns. Player's tile is the base point of the move. Shortcut key [2]

Tile Rotate - [AD] rotates 8 tiles around the player by 90 degrees. Shortcut key [3]

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